Horse Barn Kit

Pole frame barn kits are a great option for barn building. These kits are less expensive and are much more basic in their construction than a timber frame barn kit. These kits can be modified in any number of ways to make a great looking and functional building. They make perfect livestock barns, machinery barns, garages, storage barns, and with a few extra options these kits can easily be made into event venues, barn houses or any number of uses. Pole barn type of construction will definitely save you money and will still provide a very good and a solid construction.

Pole Frame

Barn Kits

Utility Barn Kits

What’s included

10’ Wall height

6” x 6” Oak posts

2” x 8” & 2” x 6” Built up truss

2 “ x 4” & 2” x 6” Oak framing lumber

Oak board and batten siding


All barn and building kits come with Oak trim, fascia, and soffit.

A comprehensive 3D building manual is included with every kit purchased.

Our barn and building kits are constructed from Oak. (Unless otherwise noted)


Lumber purchased from Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works is processed from raw log to lumber at our mill facility.

Our lumber is 100% chemical free.

Pole Frame Horse Barn Kit

40’ x 60’

Pole Frame Utility Barn Kit

40’ x 60’