A Timber frame Barn is best described as a barn that's built using heavy wooden timbers joined together with either carved wood joinery (such as pegged mortise & tenon) or metal plates & hardware, forming an exposed structural frame.The timbers used in a Post & Beam barn are  generally larger compared to a conventional barn construction.

Because of their massive exposed timbers these barns are more expensive than standard pole barn construction. The timber frame provides a solid barn frame and a feel of a stout well built barn that will stand the test of time for many  generations. These barns are eye catching, the massive timbers make a statement that says "I'm here to stay!" The hardwood board and batten siding gives the timber frame barns a classic look and an old school feel.

Our timber frame barn kits are custom built kits and can come in any variety of sizes, styles and designs.

Please give us a call to get started designing your Timber frame barn kit.


Omaha Timber Frame Barn Kit

50’ x 72’

 Missouri Timber Frame Barn Kit

40’ x 80’

 We will be happy to assist with custom Timber frame barn kits.

The design options are endless.

                                              All barn and building kits come with Oak trim, fascia, and soffit.

                                          A comprehensive 3D building manual is included with every kit purchased.

                                       Lumber purchased from Schutt Log Homes and Mill Works is processed from raw log

                                            to lumber at our mill facility. Our lumber is 100% chemical free.

10’ wall height                                     

Oak posts

Oak rafters                                             

Oak tie beams

Oak collar ties                                      

Oak wall girt

Detailed building manual                 


Each Timber frame barn kit comes complete with

Built up truss     


Oak framing lumber                                    

Oak Purloins
Oak Knee braces                                

Board and Batten Siding

Loft Flooring